Delivering Purity From the Lap of Himalayas

Corbett Organic Valley Brings you the undiluted taste of purity and health from the core of most verdant farms in the Himalayan valleys. Farms practicing organic natural farming since Vedic times. Referred as Devbhoomi, we are proud to revive the culture of truly natural organic taste derived from the depths of nature, farmed with wisdom that is immemorial.Food that is pure and taste that is sure. 

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Corbett Organic Valley

Inspired by the challenge to bring back the goodness of nature for good health.
When the world was still recovering from the global COVID pandemic in 2020, four visionaries, Nalin Chawla, Navin Joshi, Priyaranjan Choudhary and Rupesh Punia, ventured to reshape the health & food industry with products that truly contributed to the immunity and health of people. Bringing care, wisdom, reliability and authentic taste to your plates from the abundant range of Jim Corbett, Organic Valley. So that your menu is always wholesome.

  • Good Farming Practices

  • From the bosom of Mother Nature

  • Prepared with timeless wisdom

  • Taste of nature’s nourishment

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The Corbett Family

Let’s explore what the patrons of tasteful purity have to say


Effective Results and great taste

Being from the mountains myself, I know what pure, adulterated food tastes like truly and how good it can be for the body. I loved how Corbett captured both for me perfectly in a bottle of Garlic Chilli Salt Loved the taste!


Can’t wait to try more

I ordered the A2 ghee and the lychee honey. Never knew organic products could taste so good and be so good for my health. Can really feel the difference. Thanks, Corbett! Can’t wait to try the other products.


Authentic taste

I crave the authentic taste, Corbett has surely fulfilled that for me. I tried the Kotabagh Haldi, I could actually taste and see the difference. I compared it with the normal Haldi, will definitely order this one in bulk now.