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Panchakki Wheat Flour 5 Kg

Panchakki Wheat Flour 5 Kg

The taste of purity and surety with the most authentic essence. The Panchakki Whole Wheat Atta by Corbett Organic Valley is water milled, cold pressed and stone ground. Locally sourced Dev Bhoomi Stone Ground Panchakki (Gharat/Watermill) wheat atta is highly nutritious compared to the milled one as it contains both germ and bran- the parts that hold real flavor and nutrition. This naturally retained bran is magnesium and zinc enriched for regulating the insulin response. All this comes with a naturally retained and integrated flavour. 

Available at select stores of Modern Bazar. 
Green Park
Kailash Colony 
Select City Walk ,Saket 

SS Plaza Sector 47
Shopping Mall - DLF Phase 1 , Arjun Marg


1) Zinc & Magnesium rich
2) Regulates the insulin response
3) Longer shelf-life
4) Higher fiber content
5) Retains the nutrient value and flavour.
6) No added preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings.

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