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Amla Powder

Amla Powder

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Amla powder is 100% natural, and fresh and consists of organically grown Indian Gooseberries in powdered form. A rich source of Vitamin C, Calcium and Fibre, this Indian Gooseberry Powder can detoxify your body. This sundried delight is enriched with nutritional benefits that make it your natural and healthy haircare solution too while giving you an anti-oxidant-rich immunity boost.

  • Net Weight: 200gm
  • Per gm rate: Rs. 1.67
  • Best before: 12 months


1) Amla is the rich and purest source of Vitamin C.
2) Strong immunity-booster
3) Excellent remedy for hair fall
4) Frees the scalp and hair of dandruff and promotes long, thick and shiny hair.
5) Antioxidant-rich
6) Perfect detox against the harmful effects of junk food.

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