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Garlic Chilli Salt

Garlic Chilli Salt

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Pink Himalayan Garlic Chilli Salt is a rich source of vitamins and is highly nutritious. Our Chilli Garlic salt contains a limited amount of Beta Carotene, very few carbs and a small amount of Protein and Fibre. So, now enhance the flavour of every food with Garlic Chilli Salt and enjoy its rewarding digestive and health benefits.

  • Net Weight :150gm  (Glass Bottle) 
  • Per gm rate:  Rs. 0.96
  • Best Before: 4 Months 


1) Garlic contains the active ingredient Allicin, which lowers blood pressure.
2) Garlic even helps in regulating blood glucose levels for Diabetic patients.
3) This common home spice is good for the Heart and Circulatory System. Thus, our Garlic Salt is ideal for people with heart issues.

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