When the world was still recovering from the global Covid pandemic in 2020, four friends- Nalin Chawla, Navin Joshi, Priyaranjan Choudhary and Rupesh Punia had different plans. Coming from diverse professional backgrounds, they began thinking about a startup to offer the best of nature and immunity to Indian people. After prolonged discussions, debates and brainstorming, they eventually started looking for organic farming practices in the traditional villages of Uttarakhand in the Terai belt. As a result of a rigorous effort and unwavering faith, they discovered Kotabagh, a geographically suitable location for organic farming practices. Kotabagh Village is in the midst of the Jim Corbett Wildlife range, in the district of Nainital. Navin Joshi (Director) is one of the hundreds of marginal farmland owners who have practiced organic farming in Kotabagh since time immemorial. Finally, with the support of an exceptionally dedicated team, a milestone was laid. Corbett Organic Valley was founded on 6th December 2021 in Kotabagh.



Since the inception of the startup, Nalin Chawla and Navin Joshi have brought together, one of the founding pillars of the organization have brought together hundreds of local farmers in the Kotabagh region to form Burash, a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO), to improve their lives. The company proudly and consciously promotes organic farming practices under sustainable development goals. It aims to grab the attention of nearby farmers to this traditional farming practice. Thankfully, their relentless efforts have borne fruits, and their startup is transforming the lives of numerous villagers in Kotabagh, Uttarakhand. So, let’s embrace the sustainable development model for a better environment and future.