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Junglee Honey

Junglee Honey

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Our wild/junglee Honey is pure and naturally procured. The sweet and delicious Honey is collected from the beehives of the wilderness of the Jim Corbett region. Obtained from forest trees, it offers multiple health benefits. It is a perfect alternative to sugar and is ideal for people of all age groups except for those who are suffering from Diabetes.

  • Net Weight: 350gm & 750gm
  • Per gm rate: Rs. 0.90
  • Best before: 12 months


1) The Junglee Honey offered by Corbett Organic Valley contains elements with anti-aging qualities. Regular consumption of Honey can help maintain the skin moisture and keeps it young.
2) It is also one of the ways to prevent cold and flu.
3) Forest Honey can even boost the immune system to fight infections and strengthens the respiratory system.
4) Forest wild Honey can also treat wounds , abrasions, infections & ulcers.

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