Privacy Policy

Corbett Organic Valley Private Limited (COV) with its affiliates or subsidiaries are the sole owners of the website Here, we feature our products, about us, blogs, customer cart details and other such information. The company is further committed to the confidentiality, privacy and protection of customer information coming on its website. We monitor and check the personal details collected through our website for better functioning and improved customer service. Take a quick look at the privacy policy mentioned below to know the type of personal information we collect; how it is used and protected for illegal use by any other third-party vendors or clients.                                   

  • We collect the personal details of our site visitors such as name, address, email id and mobile number for seamless business working, account functioning and enhanced user experience. Corbett Organic Valley takes the sole responsibility of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information related to its customers. Further, we assure you that the collected data is not meant for distribution, sharing and use by any other third party for any other means or purposes.       
  • The company carries out all the financial transactions and payments on its website with utmost safety, security and privacy. Also, we don’t indulge in storing debit/credit card information like expiry date, CVV/CVC and other details.         
  • We also collect demographic data, system information, IP address, browser information, time duration spent on the site, type of device used, browsing history and other details. The company accesses this information through browser cookies, user sessions, blog posts, shopping cart activity, commenting, surveys and account profiles.                   


In case of any legal issues or disputes arising due to privacy concerns, data misuse and infringement on privacy fall under the local jurisdiction.