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Ragi Atta

Ragi Atta

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Also known as a wonder grain, Ragi Atta is considered a superfood. Our Ragi Atta contains high Protein, Calcium, Fibre and other essential nutrients during the processing. Although it is not good in taste, it is an excellent choice for weight loss. This hardy crop is grown in high altitudes and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Atta Ragi is a superfood and emerges as a healthy upgrade to your everyday meal.
  • Net Weight: 750gm 
  • Per gm rate : Rs. 0.16
  • Best Before: 4 Months 


1) Ragi is known to be highly beneficial in weight loss.
2) Atta Ragi prevents premature aging.
3) Ragi is good for hair too.
4) It can block Diabetes.
5) Calcium present in Ragi Atta is a vital component in maintaining bone density.

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