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Hemp Seed Salt Seasoning

Hemp Seed Salt Seasoning

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Handcrafted and hand-crushed in small batches, our Hemp Salt Seasoning is truly exemplary due to its quality and taste. Completely non-psychotic in nature, it ensures that you get your dose of nutrients like Protein, Omega-6 & Omega-3 and Magnesium. It is specially curated for all health-oriented people without any artificial essence or flavourings. Make it your yummy companion with soups, salads or eggs and feel the taste of purity.

  • Net Weight: 100gm
  • Per gm rate: Rs. 1.75
  • Best before: 12 months 


1) No artificial flavours/preservatives
2) Improves heart health
3) Rich source of plant-based protein
4) Improves skin and hair health
5) Regulates hormones
6) Relieves insomnia
7) Promotes weight loss
8) Aids digestive health
9) Relieves joint pain and arthritis

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