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Flax Seed Salt Seasoning

Flax Seed Salt Seasoning

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Our Flax Seed Salt or Alsi Ka Namak is a versatile ingredient that can blend with almost any recipe and enhance the taste & texture. The mild & nutty flavour combined with the crisp & crunchy texture is like a cherry on top. Use it as a delicious seasoning on salads, eggs or soups. 

  • Net Weight : 100gm
  • Per gm rate: Rs. 1.30
  • Best Before: 12 Months 


1) Being a rich source of Copper, it can help in brain development, immunity boosting, and iron metabolism.
2) The Omega-3 fatty acids in Flax Seed Salt may lower Cholesterol levels and fatty liver.
3) The acids are vital for baby development and the good health of pregnant women.

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