Amla is one of the most underrated and less-cherished summer fruits. Although it has all the potential to make a delicious and healthy addition to everyday meals, Gooseberry Seasoning is yet to make its mark in the Indian kitchen. The superfood contains Vitamin C & B complex with nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron and carotene.       

Here are some of the reasons that make this healthy antioxidant a must-have in everyday diet:   

  • It flushes out toxins and improves food absorption.
  • It supports liver function and improves heart health.
  • It promotes healthy skin and fights free radicals that cause ageing.
  • Amla may also increase hair growth.   
Indian Gooseberry Seasoning
Indian Gooseberry Seasoning

Now that you are aware of its exceptional benefits, here’s how you can add Amla to your diet.

To increase the usage of Amlas and make it a staple in various Indian recipes, Corbett Organic Valley offers Amla seasoning that can easily make its way into your daily diet. Made with homegrown Amla with the hint of Rock Salt, Himalayan Garlic, Himalayan Ginger, Chillies, Ajwain & Black Pepper, the Gooseberry seasoning can add a healthy twist to your recipes. Listed below are some of the ways you can have Amla ka masala.

With Boiled Eggs and Omelettes

Boiled eggs with sprinkled chat masala and chopped onion are popular street food in India, especially in North India. You can now take the health benefit of boiled eggs up a notch by replacing the chat masala with Amla masala. It keeps the taste intact and allows you to have all the goodness of this tart green fruit. You can even add it to the omelette batter. The tangy addition can help you ace your brunch goals without compromising your balanced diet.

With Beverages 

Gooseberry seasoning blends well with all sorts of beverages. Be it herbal tea, buttermilk, or fruit juices, mix Gooseberry seasoning with them all. Add a teaspoon of Amla masala to the buttermilk to make it deliciously tangy. Amla is packed with vitamin C and multiplies the goodness of juices by 20 times. Or else, you can couple it with your herbal tea to fight sore throats and the common cold.                                       

Sprinkle it on Fruits and Salads

Amla seasoning can easily jazz up your fruits and salads. Just sprinkle it on your fruit salad to enhance food absorption, maintain stomach acid levels, and fortify the liver.             

In Curries

Amla seasoning by Corbett Organic Valley mixes well with almost all Indian and South Asian curries. Just add a pinch of Amla masala to your recipes to bring some punchy flavour and a whole load of powerful health benefits.                 


Summing it up  

The only unfortunate thing about Indian Gooseberry is its bitter taste. However, the tangy and mouth-watering Amla seasoning has got this covered for you. Contrary to the common notion, it can amplify the taste of your cuisine. So, now eat it or drink it the way you like. This versatile masala is a delicious mix for your everyday meal and offers multiple health benefits.              

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