Sweet Amla Candy – A healthy replacement for Sugary candy

Sweet Amla Candy – A healthy replacement for Sugary candy

Who doesn’t like candies? The sweet and sugary delights are not just the first choice for the kids but even for adults. But these corn sugar and syrup coated candies are not an ideal choice to maintain a healthy regime and good immunity. They contain no nutrients and a lot of calories. Regular consumption of these candies can impact both your short-term and long-term well-being. Hence, replacing them with something tasty and healthy is the need of the hour.

Corbett Organic Valley offers a perfect, healthy blend of taste and fitness bliss. Our Sweet Amla Candy is fun to eat and offers multiple health benefits. Here are some reasons to add our sweet Amla Candy to your diet without any delay.                                                     

Reason #1: No added Sugar or Syrup

Sugar-coated sweets may increase insulin levels, putting you at a greater risk of developing Diabetes. Our Amla candy contains no added sugar or syrup. Instead, it has Jaggery powder that contains more nutrients than refined sugar. Contrary to the health hazards caused by sugar, jaggery keeps the blood sugar levels in check and helps to control your weight. So, let your kids munch these healthy and flavourful candies packed with the goodness of Amla minus any additive colours or preservatives.                                                   

Reason #2: Acts as an immunity-booster

The beautiful green translucent fruit Amla has several health benefits. However, it is astringent, sour and bitter to taste. Thus, this fruit does not fit into everyone’s taste and diet. Our sweet Gooseberry candy consists of fresh, handpicked organic Amla mixed with the sweetness of jaggery. If you are looking to reap the benefits of this extraordinary fruit, our amla candies are the best way to cater for your sweet tooth.                                            

Reason #3: Good for digestive health

With the goodness of Gooseberry and jaggery, sweet Amla candy is perfect for improving your digestive health. Amla is rich in fibre that helps in the regulation of bowel movements. Thus, regular consumption of these candies can help relieve digestive ailments like irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, etc. Not just this, Amla is also known to stimulate gastric juices that are responsible for accelerating digestion and absorption of food. It also prevents acidity.

Reason #4: Perfect for all age-groups

Are you trying to get your kids to eat Amla? Well, we have a delightful solution for you. Our Amla candy (sweet) is delicious and fun to eat. Even the kids can now have this healthy delight without scrunching their noses. Not just kids, sugar cravings that strike after a meal are common among adults. The nutritious gooseberry candy will fulfill your sweet indulgence without compromising your diet regime.     

Final Words Is the bitter taste of Amla stopping you from reaping its benefits? Treat yourself to our delicious Amla candy with the abundance of Vitamin C. You need not even shop for the exotic and expensive fruit. The sliced Amla coated with jaggery is loaded with goodness. So, get your candies and avail all the health benefits at affordable prices.    

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