No Indian meal is complete without a side dish, especially pickles. It is hard to imagine an Indian platter, veg or non-veg, without the presence of tangy and delicious relishes. Adrak ka achar, in particular, is one such side dish that has been a traditional Indian cuisine for thousands of years.   

However, all home-cooked food cannot offer complete nutrients. In a post-pandemic era where immunity is a priority for all, food is considered a crucial factor for good human health. Hence, the big question arises- Can one have Ginger pickle without compromising health? Listed below are some of the points that throw light on the same.                                                      

Flu and Common Cold Prevention

Ginger is often used in various forms as an alternative medicine for years. It has a proven history of being the home remedy for fighting flu and common colds in Indian households. Its medicinal property is perfect for treating colds, reducing inflammation and soothing a sore throat. The herbal remedy of Pickled Ginger is antibacterial and may help protect against various viral attacks.            

Benefits of Gingerol

The mouthwatering fragrance of Ginger pickle can single-handedly add flavour to your regular meal. Not just this, Gingerol is a bioactive compound of Ginger that has excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This pickle, as a result, can reduce oxidative stress.  


Can reduce nausea

It is not a hidden fact that Ginger roots can reduce nausea and motion sickness. However, the bitter taste of Ginger may make its consumption difficult for some individuals when experiencing nausea and vomiting. This delicious Adrak ka aachar is a perfect solution to this problem. It is tasty and helps in reducing digestive ailments, especially nausea and vomiting tendency. It is even said that morning sickness during pregnancy may be reduced by consuming any form of Ginger, including pickled Ginger. However, pregnant women should consult a doctor before consuming it.            

It helps in lowering Cholesterol levels

The food you eat can have a strong influence on your LDL level. There are some pieces of evidence to prove that Ginger can significantly reduce the level of LDL Cholesterol and total Cholesterol. Moreover, the chemical compounds in Ginger lower the overall blood cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins. The low-calorie content is another factor that adds to the health benefits of the Ginger pickle. The tradition of having this side dish has been going on for ages. However, making a perfect jar of aachar like our grandmother and mother used to do may be tricky.

Are you one of those who are struggling to keep this family tradition alive?

Well, Corbett Organic Valley has got it covered for you. Our Ginger Pickle is all set to strike your nostalgic chord, and the strong fragrance will make your mouth water. In addition to the naturally procured Ginger, the pickle contains Black Pepper, Salt, Red Chilli, Turmeric, Cumin Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Hing, Mustard Oil, Nutmeg and Black Cardamom that will make your everyday meal fun-filled. So, add Ginger pickle to your platter and get ready to enjoy its rewarding health benefits in a tangy way.

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