Water Milled ,Cold Pressed Stone Ground Panchakki Ragi Atta(flour) from Wilderness of Jim Corbett Range

Blame it on the pandemic, increased fad about the fitness or the fear of rising obesity and other health issues; people have started making healthy food choices. They are exploring healthier alternatives for typical food items like flour and are not ready to compromise their health at any cost. Due to this intense obsession with health, Ragi Atta has emerged as a new craze among fitness enthusiasts. This super food has always been a part of the Indian diet and is a fantastic replacement for your ordinary wheat flour. The power cereal is called Ragi in the South, while it has the name of Nachni in the North. Ragi or Finger Millet is rich in potassium, calcium, polyphenol, protein and dietary fibre to yield numerous benefits.

 Let us decode how this super grain is the best bet for perfect health.Act as a

wholesome breakfast food

Breakfast is the most crucial part of an individual’s daily meal and needs healthy planning. Include Ragi in your morning breakfast as it consists of vital nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, antioxidants, protein, fibre, iron, calcium and unsaturated fats. Have this superfood in cuisines like Ragi upma or Ragi parathas to derive maximum nutrition, boost metabolism and weight management.

Offers essential Amino Acids

Amino acids are building blocks of proteins that are essential for the growth and development of the body. Being a rich source of amino acids, it is one of the prominent plant-based high-quality protein sources. Ragi also has methionine, a sulphur-based amino acid for skin and hair health revival, valine and isoleucine, a core component to repair injured muscle tissues. Lastly, it contains threonine for building teeth enamel and preventing gum disease.

Plays a central role in Gluten-free diet

For people intolerant to Gluten based products, Ragi acts as anexcellent source of energy and nourishment. It is a superb alternative to your ordinary wheat flour and an ideal choice for dosas, chapatis, idli and other cuisines. However, avoid eating it at night as it has fibres and takes a long time to digest.

Strengthens bone density

Do you know Ragi or Finger millet is a rich source of natural calcium crucial for bone development and density? It replenishes the bone density in older people having osteoporosis. However, they need to regulate the amount of Ragi in their daily diet for better bone health and digestive system.

Maintains blood sugar levels

With our sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy food habits, blood sugar levels are soaring high and leading to increased chances of diabetes. However, this is not the case with Ragi or Finger millet. Inspite of being rich in calories and carbohydrates for quick energy, it has plant-based chemicals like tannins, phytates and polyphenols to slow down the digestive process. It leads reduction in blood sugar levels in people with diabetes mellitus to keep a check on their weight gain and fight obesity.

In a nutshell

Ragi is undoubtedly a superfood loaded with nutrients to offer you numerous health benefits. So, make the right choice with Ragi and take the first step towards a healthy body with this healthy cereal choice.

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