With Amla concentrate infused with Giloe Juice , is the most convenient option to fight Diabetes.  It has very necessary benefits which each one must fortify into our body.

Giloy is also called giloe, guduchi, and amrita, among other names. The word “giloe” is a Hindu mythological term. It refers to a mythical heavenly elixir that keeps celestial beings eternally young

In Sanskrit, “guduchi” means something that protects the whole body, and “amrita” means immortality.

Giloy is useful due to the presence of different compounds of pharmaceutical importance belonging to various groups as alkaloids, diterpenoid lactones, glycosides, steroids, sesquiterpenoid, and phenolics.

Giloy has demonstrated hearting results to manage Type2 Diabeties, and Neuropathy, like no other natural source.  

It helps to fight cancer, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, hepato-protective, and immuno-modulatory. It also fights Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, infections for Skin, Eyes, Ear, Respiratory, vaginal infections very well

The wide range of uses and potential health benefits from giloy come from numerous beneficial plant compounds found throughout the plant.

Researchers have identified four major classes of compounds in giloy

1. Terpenoids 2. Alkaloids 3 Lignans 4.Steroids

Table:  1  Results  of  antimicrobial  activity  (zone  of  inhibition  of  microorganisms)

World’s Best Natural Way to manage Diabetes with Amla & Giloy Juice.

One of the alkaloid compounds in giloy is berberine. It’s a traditional herbal remedy that human studies have shown reduces blood sugar. Berberine works in a similar way to the diabetes medication metformin

Berberine may be as effective as some medications at helping reduce not only blood sugar but also LDL (bad) cholesterol and blood pressure

Giloy with organic amla juice  is recommended for diabetes, It has been scientifically validated in various animal models for hypoglycemic, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other pharmacological activities. The stem of Giloy mitigates oxidative stress (OS), promotes insulin secretion and also inhibits gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis, thereby regulating blood glucose. Alkaloids, tannins, cardiac glycosides, flavonoids, saponins, and steroids as the major phytoconstituents of Giloy have been reported to play an anti-diabetic role.

20 ml of this concentrate is diluted in water and had in the morning before any food, with added Garlic, and honey & jaggery as per taste… IS THE best natural way to get rid of infections. Also, the THIS is the best Immunity builder on earth as Amla is the richest natural source of Vitamin C.

Fool’s Paradise

So let us tell you how to get the outmost benefits of Amla. . Every bottle of Amla-Giloy-turmeric Juice competing on price and mentioning Amla on Huge Fonts is a foolish compromise with your own self. This bottle is not Juice but a concentrate that you only need 20 ml per serving.

Our process of giloy amla juice extraction is the cold press method of Hand crushing and sieving through muslin the densest fabric there is. This a labour and time intensive process but necessary to give you purest clean natural juice rich with health benefits because your money deserves no less. 

We are New Age entrepreneurs exposed to the best in the world. And we went great lengths to find the land which yields the most natural organic fruits and cereals.  We discovered Devbhoomi. A valley cradled by the Himalayas, in the Corbett Range, nourished by 100s of streams and the mighty RamGanga, & Koti, the valley also hosts Corbett Tiger Reserve. So, you can imagine how abundant it is in flora and fauna.

Original Organic Ayurveda from the Real Paradise

This is more so because the farmers have not ever used fertilisers or used electricity since Vedic times. Perhaps predating Ayurveda and being the source of it

The farms we patronize are united in age old customs and beliefs that the farm is Gods Own, and here fertilizers are unnecessary. It’s a rich land fed with Himalayan streams and rivers and farming is done the difficult way without consumeristic shortcuts that seem so lucrative everywhere around

We seek your patronage for 100% clean energy anf to sustain modest local livelihoods so we can continue to bring you the unique produce of our valley. Enjoy Love: Food: Laughte

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