The Indian superfood, Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is a treasure of nutrients. This heavenly fruit is packed with Vitamin A and C plus polyphenol and flavonoids, making it an ideal diet supplement. It helps to protect you from all kinds of infections. Why go for the dietary supplements in the form of pills when you can strengthen your immune system by making a minor tweak in your menu?                       

However, it is a well-known fact people refrain from consuming Amla because of its slightly bitter and sour taste. Are you one of those who are intimidated by the taste of this superfood? Below are the various easy tips and tricks that will integrate Amla into your daily diet even without your notice.           

Gooseberry Pickles                    

Indian meals are incomplete without pickles. That’s why Amla pickle is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of health and immunity. The tangy and mouthwatering pickle can single-handedly spice up your food. Just two spoons of amla pickle are enough to keep medications far away.                       


Who would not like candies not covered with sugar and corn syrup? Salty Amla Candy is one of the healthiest and tastiest munching options that you can find. Corbett Organic Valley offers Gooseberry candy salty made of 100% natural Amla with a blend of Black Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt, Cumin Powder and Cardamon. With zero artificial flavours and added sugar, Amla candy is very delicious and healthy at the same time.                

Amla ka Murabba

Murabba made of Amla is a household recipe in India. The sweet and spicy cuisine is healthful and eliminates the bitter taste. So, anyone can now include Indian Gooseberry in their diet. However, the Murabba contains a large amount of salt and oil, due to which its excess consumption can have an adverse effect. You need to restrict its usage from not more than two tablespoons of Murabba every day.                          

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is, for sure, a part of the daily diet of every fitness enthusiast. You can now make your tea perfect with chopped Amla. The hint of the tanginess of Amla will not only spice up your herbal tea but will even make it healthier. Just a cup of this nutritious beverage can offer a wide range of benefits like better immunity, improved digestion, good skin and hair.                       

Amla Powder          

Another effortless way to add Amla to your diet is powdered form. It consists of crushed leaves of the Indian Gooseberry. Corbett Organic Valley offers Indian Gooseberry powder derived from fresh, homegrown and grounded Amla. For perfect health, take a teaspoon of Amla powder in the morning on an empty stomach with honey and warm water. However, if you are intimidated by its taste, add it to your breakfast juice or sprinkle it on fruits or salads.                                   


Indian Gooseberry is a vital ingredient, and incorporating it into everyday meals is the need of the hour. Try the hacks mentioned above and include them in your daily regime in some form or the other for a daily dose of good health.

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