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Plum Jams

Plum Jams

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Deliciously sweet and tart, with a hint of the fresh plums' juicy flavor. Complements recipes that are both savory and sweet. Our ALL NATURAL plum jams have no chemicals or artificial preservatives. They have less added sugar than common preserves. To enhance the experience we make sure that the jam jars are handmade in small batches with 100% natural ingredients and our love, nothing else.


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1)Plums have vitamin C and possibly important phytonutrients with antioxidant properties. These qualities may be able to protect the body from fatal diseases as well as aid in reducing the harm caused by oxygen radicals.
2)Plums might be able to help in the fight against diabetes and reduce blood sugar levels.
3)They might include dietary fibers that are advantageous for regulating the digestive system.
4)Our plum jams help in reducing your chances of having cancer.
5)Also, weight loss seekers and diabetes should use plum jams sparingly.

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