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Garlic Pickle

Garlic Pickle

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A natural garlic pickle at its best for all the garlic lovers out there! Made from freshly grown Himalayan garlic buds. These are peeled and pickled with precision. Each jar promises to fulfill all your pickle cravings. Free from additives and preservatives, the sun-dried, traditionally handcrafted jar of pickle tastes farm fresh. Perfect to spice up your bowl of boring dal-chawal while also catering to your gut and heart health. 

  • Net Weight: 250gm 
  • Per gm rate: Rs 0.78
  • Best Before: 8 Months


1) Probiotic-rich to boost your gut health.
2) Contains real garlic cloves that improve the iron metabolism in your bloodstream.
3) Helps improve heart health.
4) Protects your overall immunity with its antiviral & antibiotic properties.

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