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Apple Chutney

Apple Chutney

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A tangy spread with a dash of MILD spiceS prepared from delectable fresh apples. The Mukteshwar Himalayan Mountains' wonderful fresh apple pulp is used to make ALL NATURAL Apple Chutney. Excellent flavor and a healthy combination that is simple to serve. Melt into the flavor by eating it with bread, toast, muffins, buns, OR EVEN WITH TAWA ROTIS


  • Net Weight: 350 GM
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  • Best before: 12 MONTHS


1)Apple CHUTNEY is regarded as being quite beneficial for conditions like high blood pressure. In reality, apple CHUTNEY helps to lower high blood pressure symptoms by assisting in the strengthening of the heart muscle.
2)Apple CHUTNEY HELPS PEP UP MOODS WHICH IN TURN HELPS RELIEVES extreme anxiety and stress from your regular work or any mental health issues. You can lessen your tension by doing this.
30 Consuming apple CHUTNEY significantly relieves constipation. It has a lot of fiber. Chronic constipation can be effectively treated with it as well

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