Raagi atta or flour is widely consumed in India, not only because of its palatability, but also because of its huge health benefits. Raagi atta, also known as Madua atta in the Himalayan valleys, is also versatile on the table with varied dishes from roti, idli, vada, dosa, pudding, porridge to papad.

Some people do have gluten intolerance, keeping that in mind, we have developed purely organic Raagi atta after extracting out the gluten. Also, the method of grinding is through Himalayan Water Mills which is a “Cold pressed” method that leaves the nutrients like calcium, magnesium and Vitamins intact in the flour. Atta temperature is about 10 degrees but when ground in industrial machines the temperature may go up to 90 degrees. Due high heat the bio-reaction that should happen inside our bodies is lost.

Meticulous focus on the organic preparation of this gluten free organic Ragi atta of Corbett Organic Valley, gives it a textured natural feel on the palate that leaves a very satisfying experience. Consequently, our gluten free organic Raagi atta not only tastes heavenly on the palate, but also is great for developing a naturally healthy and strong body.

Here are 8 ‘Ultra-Strong’ scientific reasons to consume Ragi atta :

  • Raagi atta has been perceived as a potential “super cereal” by the United States National Academies being one of the most nutritious among all major cereals due to the following reasons.
  • Considerably rich in minerals and its micronutrient density is higher than that of the world’s major cereal grains; rice and wheat. This help to build strong muscles and bones.
  • It is the richest source of Calcium among cereals with up to 10-fold higher Calcium content than brown rice, wheat or maize and three times than that of milk.
  • Also rich in iron and fiber content.
  • Enriched in the essential amino acids like lysine and methionine which are important in human health and growth but mostly absent from other plant foods.
  • Contains useful amounts of the two polyunsaturated fatty acids- linoleic acid and α-linolenic acid which facilitate normal development of the central nervous system.
  • It also contains both water soluble and fat soluble vitamins: thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and tocopherols.
  • The high mineral content makes it effective for physical activity and providing bone density, especially among women.
  • The rich content of phenolic acid gives Ragi atta anti-diabetic and anti-oxidative properties

The Corbett Organic Valley Initiative:

Unfortunately, in modern urban areas the healthy tradition of consuming Raagi Atta has remained underutilized by the general population due to either unawareness or colour or texture apprehension. It’s immense potential for enhancing the nutritional and therapeutic attributes by acting as functional food cannot be ignored.

The Raagi or Madua atta are organically and locally farmed at Corbett Organic Valleyand prepared meticulously through clean Himalayan stream powered water mills, which is cold pressed grinding full of bio-energy.

Entire manufacturing process is executed with utmost care by maintaining high hygiene standards.

Gluten free organic Raagi atta of Corbett Organic Valley empowers local farmers with them with employment generation and fair price, where opportunities are very few.

Your patronage will boost their self-esteem through self-employment. All these elements of human touch from the local valley adds that extra homemade natural feel to the taste.

We seek your patronage for 100% clean energy and to sustain modest local livelihoods so that we can continue to bring you the unique produce of our valley. Don’t stop yourself from indulging with your pack of gluten free organic Raagi atta.

Stay healthy and spice up every nutritious meal.

Enjoy Love: Food: Laughter. We are happy to be available.

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